“We Tomorrow”* aims at :

  • Improving the quality of life of seniors, by establishing an intergenerational methodology which will stimulate their memory and which will promote “Cultural Heritage”
  • Reducing school drop-out of VET by promoting their entrepreneurial spirit and by teaching them to create “Virtual Reality Packs” for “seniors”
  • Creating more attractive methodologies that include social and emotional competences

The partnership of “We tomorrow”* includes four VET centers (in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain), one association specializing in non-formal training and communication (France) and a computer company (Poland). In addition will participate local organizations that work with seniors and computer companies

“We Tomorrow” will produce :

  • A Digital Compendium with best practices on digital games for seniors successfully tested in the partnership
  • Virtual memory Packs addressed at elderly people, based on historical events they have lived
  • Training and social videos linked to methodology and the target groups addressed

A network of stakeholders wishing to implement the methodology and results will be created

We are pleased to invite you to join our activities