Danmar Computers is a private company that offers professional training in the field of information technology and a wide variety of ICT solutions. In addition to the training, it offers training programs and development of teaching materials and advice.

Danmar Computers has experience in the creation of personalized web pages, mobile applications, e-learning systems and web campaigns. The technical staff of the company has the ability to develop any web or mobile application with the use of web servers, application servers and database technologies, including social and cloud services, both client and server side.

In addition Danmar Computers has many years of experience in the realization of educational programs of the European Union, among others: Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig and currently Erasmus +.

Within the framework of projects and in response to the needs of specialized groups. Their staff works on methodologies, conducts research, prepares reports, designs curricula and training materials.

Given that the dominant field of activity of Danmar Computers is the IT sector, the company most frequently creates various IT tools that support the activities of the project (online questionnaires, interactive training, mobile applications or Internet-based dissemination campaigns) .