SOSU Nord College (VET) is a local regional vocational school that provides study programs and training programs to students and workers in the social and health care field and also in the areas of child care and social work. When students have completed their vocational education they reach level 3 or level 4 (EQF) SOSU Nord also offers academic education at level 5 (EQF).

The educations of SOSU Nord College are carried out in close cooperation with local and regional employers, both public and private. The university has 1300 students per year and has a total of approximately 3000 students and students who participate annually in school courses, study programs and training.

SOSU Nord College has 120 trainers  representing different disciplines: nurses, teachers, social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and other educators with academic training.

At the international level, SOSU Nord has selected the national training objectives of the national curriculum of each study program to be transferred in an international context.

This work and selection have been made in cooperation with local employers and local businesses. SOSU Nord has developed a Curriculum Framework: « Objectives and framework for internships abroad ». Students benefit from these learning mobilities and students earn credits for the goals achieved in the foreign country.