Isle of Wight College is located on an island at sea, so their students often have limited horizons and knowledge of Europe and the opportunities available to them.

This is part of the international strategy for 2015/2017 to improve this situation by involving more international visitors in our curriculum areas and establishing measures so that their students can have more opportunities to travel abroad and experience work and life in another country. Their  internationalization efforts are being recognized by the Association of Colleges (AOC), which are conducting a focus group here on March 2, 2017. They are currently renewing our Matrix Standard accreditation for IAG (information, advice and guidance).

The Isle of Wight College recently opened a Forest School on the Isle of Wight, where Child Care students can gain some work experience. In September 2015 a new STEM center opened and in September 2017 a state-of-the-art CEECAM center.

The Isle of Wight College has two departments that work specifically with students with learning barriers to help them progress in their studies and, if possible, work: Pathways, which works with students with serious physical and mental disorders in a new state of art. building adapted to your needs with swimming pool, dance studio, sensory room and training kitchen; and Insights that work with students with less serious emotional, psychological, and mental health disorders.

The Isle of Wight College also has a team dedicated to providing apprenticeships for a wide range of students at different levels and has good relationships with local employers for internships. The key focus for the College now is to expand the core curriculum, including learning, work-based learning and the delivery of English and mathematics in the curriculum.

The school has about 3000 students and 300 staff members.